This last Tuesday, six Asian American women were murdered in Atlanta. It adds to the continued growth of anti-Asian sentiment and hate crimes in our country; dozens of attacks on elderly Asians and slayings of those of any age; violence in the thousands. Anti-Asian hate, violence and harassment are real. Brought on by more than a century of, among other harmful tactics, hyper-sexualization of Asian women in American media and racist demonization by our own government and media.

Our family is safe. Exhausted, yes. I know my Black and Brown friends know this feeling and have been carrying this weight…

Opinion: If you own little, many banks view you as a high risk. And we wonder why access to capital is so difficult for so many people of color.

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As small businesses grasp at straws and apply for every grant, loan, and funding opportunity that exists to stay afloat, we are in real-time seeing the decimation of them in our communities.

The devastation is affecting Black and brown business owners in massive numbers, with 41% of Black businesses closing due to COVID-19, compared to 17% of white business owners, according to a study by the National Bureau of Economic Research.

When we think about the system that causes this disparity, we often blame the individual.

“They weren’t savvy enough to save their money.”

“Why don’t they have a rainy…

What we have learned from being one of the last states to close and one of the first to reopen.

Due to a lack of response from our state leaders, we as business leaders have had to do the heavy lifting in figuring out what is the most safe and effective way to reopen. As a coworking space, a majority of our work is rooted in bringing people together. With the shutdowns we were able to shift and launch our WFH membership and also are in the midst of launching a new online community to make our entrepreneur/business support resources more available. Until then, we have been navigating a reopening of our space during a pandemic.

I recommend approaching reopening…

Student loan debt in America is crippling. When you have no ability to take risks because you are buried in debt you will have no flexibility for forward economic mobility. Debt is what takes you backwards. If this could be solved, it would solve so many other problems. The best gift my parents ever gave me was this lesson — be careful of debt.

Because of that, I went to community college, then my state university where I loaded up and maxed out on classes to get done as quickly as possible, followed by a technical college for design. …

The glamour surrounding Silicon Valley belies a toxic work ethic, set in place by myths created in the tech boom of the 90s and cemented by the web boom of the 2000s.

Among the side effects of that fantasy? Millennials are entering the workplace with unrealistic and unsustainable attitudes on what being part of a startup means. … If you’re not working at all hours of the day, you’re not committed. … Only bro-grammers will make it big.

All, wrong.

So, let’s put our hoodies away, take off our sustainably sourced sneakers and talk about what successful startup life is…

I recently opened my news feed to read the Arizona Commerce Authority touting an entrepreneurship roundtable with Gov. Doug Ducey.

Around a boardroom table sat approximately 20 of Arizona’s top entrepreneurs. They gathered to discuss entrepreneurship in the state, the successes and challenges.

In any other situation, I’d be applauding Ducey for taking initiative and doing some grassroots community engagement, except if you looked at the photos, you would see that 100% of the participants were men.

That’s right. The only woman at the table was Sandra Watson, the CEO of the Arizona Commerce Authority. …

Business breakup tips to help you let go of relationships that don’t work and find the ones that will.

Building a startup is a bit like starting a family. In both situations, choosing the right partner is a big freaking deal. If you don’t take it seriously, you could be staring down the vengeful eyes of an ex-business partner who wants to take you for all you’ve got. Having met thousands of entrepreneurs at every stage of business, it’s rare to not have had a breakup.

If you think I’m kidding, startup breakup rates are 20–30% higher than divorce rates.

How to combat mansplaining.

It may be satirical, but this example when Jimmy Kimmel explains mansplaining to Hillary Clinton is one of the best illustrations of how infuriating some men can be:

And how frustrating it is for most women.

Often times we don’t know how to respond to these not-so-subtle responses. Some of them leave your mouth-gaping, while some don’t really hit you until hours later when you remember the response and realize what just happened.

Either way, here are some responses that my fellow women can holster in their arsenal to keep their composure in those moments when you wish you…

The days of remote positions being purely underpaid telemarketing jobs are gone.

One in five people work remotely and over 50% of workers say their company has a work from home policy. What this remote work trend has created is an entirely new workplace lifestyle and a chance for diversification like we have never seen before.

CO+HOOTS Coworking

With the ability to recruit from all over the world, we’re in the middle of two major shifts in the workforce.

Shift One: Companies have access to talent regardless of location

Shift Two: Remote workers are having healthier and happier work experiences

InVision, a digital design platform, is looking toward the future and capitalizing on these shifts. They run an entire 700-person team fully remote — and they have been doing so for seven years.

“Power is not given to you. You have to take it.” -Beyonce

The topic of women in leadership has never trended harder in human history. With the digital age came an influx of information that started to shed light on major cultural problems. Data is widely spread and it has become household knowledge that the dream of equality isn’t nearly as close as we hoped. It’s opened the door for new conversations.

You can find several articles that tackle gender inequality of leadership positions in business. This article is different. Instead, I’m going to focus on the lessons women already…

Jenny Poon

CO+HOOTS Coworking founder, ranked No.4 coworking space in USA. Entrepreneur, designer, journalist. Phoenix Business Journal’s Business Person of the Year 2016.

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