This last Tuesday, six Asian American women were murdered in Atlanta. It adds to the continued growth of anti-Asian sentiment and hate crimes in our country; dozens of attacks on elderly Asians and slayings of those of any age; violence in the thousands. Anti-Asian hate, violence and harassment are real…

Opinion: If you own little, many banks view you as a high risk. And we wonder why access to capital is so difficult for so many people of color.

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As small businesses grasp at straws and apply for every grant, loan, and funding opportunity that exists to stay afloat, we are in real-time seeing the decimation of them in our communities.

The devastation is affecting Black and brown business owners in massive numbers, with 41% of Black businesses closing

What we have learned from being one of the last states to close and one of the first to reopen.

Due to a lack of response from our state leaders, we as business leaders have had to do the heavy lifting in figuring out what is the most safe and effective way to reopen. As a coworking space, a majority of our work is rooted in bringing people together. With…

Business breakup tips to help you let go of relationships that don’t work and find the ones that will.

Building a startup is a bit like starting a family. In both situations, choosing the right partner is a big freaking deal. If you don’t take it seriously, you could be…

The days of remote positions being purely underpaid telemarketing jobs are gone.

One in five people work remotely and over 50% of workers say their company has a work from home policy. What this remote work trend has created is an entirely new workplace lifestyle and a chance for diversification like we have never seen before.

CO+HOOTS Coworking

With the ability to recruit from all over the world, we’re in the middle of two major shifts in the workforce.

Shift One: Companies have…

Jenny Poon

CO+HOOTS Coworking founder, ranked No.4 coworking space in USA. Entrepreneur, designer, journalist. Phoenix Business Journal’s Business Person of the Year 2016.

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