How the world’s most innovative companies are leveraging remote work to compete.

The days of remote positions being purely underpaid telemarketing jobs are gone.

Jenny Poon
6 min readApr 4, 2019

One in five people work remotely and over 50% of workers say their company has a work from home policy. What this remote work trend has created is an entirely new workplace lifestyle and a chance for diversification like we have never seen before.

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With the ability to recruit from all over the world, we’re in the middle of two major shifts in the workforce.

Shift One: Companies have access to talent regardless of location

Shift Two: Remote workers are having healthier and happier work experiences

InVision, a digital design platform, is looking toward the future and capitalizing on these shifts. They run an entire 700-person team fully remote — and they have been doing so for seven years.

InVision’s Chief People Officer, Mark Frein, told Business Insider he firmly believes hiring from any location gives InVision an edge as a technology company. Frein isn’t limited to finding talent in New York City and has diversified his workforce to…



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